Light&Contrast is founded by award-winning
designer Peter Stathis and global design distributor
Peter Kahane, and nurtured by the progressive
business, technology and design culture of California.

Introducing a pioneering attitude presenting new strategies for the future of LED illumination, our products are conceived at the intersection of the ambitious and dynamic tech and consumer products industry and the aesthetic consciousness of the world of interior and furniture design.

Equally refined and technology-driven as they are function inspired, user-centric and playful, these qualities are forged into compelling new lighting products designed and engineered from the inside out.
Peter Stathis
Peter Stathis & Virtual Studio

Peter brings an iterative approach to design and is recognized for his ability to marry aesthetics with highly functional objects.

The winner of over 30 international lighting awards Peter constantly pushes the envelope on innovative designs combined with cutting- edge lighting technology.

His designs have been widely published — from The Wall Street Journal to Wallpaper magazine — and are exhibited internationally. His work is included in the permanent collections of several major museums including The Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum and New York's Museum of Modern Art.
Light&Contrast at ICFF 2013
Trapeze Family Debut

Booth 2506 / May 18 – 21 / NYCPosted: April 16, 2013

We started with the popular Trapeze table lights, and now we're expanding the line to include a whole range of lights for a wide variety of uses. Come see five new Trapeze models to light any space! ICFF 2013 Logo

Here's a sneak-preview of two new lights in the family - Trapeze Floor and Trapeze Wall:
Trapeze Floor Trapeze Wall

Trapeze on display at the Hot Seat exhibition in Marfa
407 San Antonio Street, Marfa, TXPosted: October 12, 2012

To the uninitiated, Marfa, Texas might seem like an unlikely destination for exhibiting Trapeze. But since Donald Judd moved to Marfa to build large-scale works in 1971, the small town has burgeoned into an important destination for artists and collectors. Marfa Prada by Elmgreen and Dragset

Light&Contrast is excited to show Trapeze this year at the Hot Seat design exhibition, along with a wide range of other great designs. If you're headed to Marfa for the annual open house celebrations, or if you just happen to be in West Texas, stop by and see the show! Light&Contrast at Hot Seat Design Exhibition

Light&Contrast has launched!

Posted: June 8, 2012

Trapeze and Ikebana found an enthusiastic audience at their debut with Light&Contrast at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair. Take a look at our booth exhibiting both lights in New York: Light&Contrast at ICFF

Light&Contrast at ICFF

Light&Contrast at ICFF

There's a lot of excitement about Trapeze shipping in September- add your name to our mailing list, and you'll be among the first notified when you can pick one up!

Light&Contrast debuts at ICFF 2012
Come by and say HELLO!

Booth 2542 / May 19 – 22 / NYCPosted: April 23, 2012

New on the scene, but no novice, Light&Contrast will present their award-winning Trapeze and Ikebana LED table lights, featuring the freshest furnishings from the advance guard in LED technology.

L&C Wins Top Spark Awards!
Spark Design and Architecture Award
Trapeze Spark Award Obus Spark Award Both Trapeze LED Table Light and Obus Indoor / Outdoor Portable Light earned the top honors from the 2011 Spark Design and Architecture Awards. Both designs exemplify L&C's unshakable passion for technology-driven refinement within user-centric and playful lighting designs, who's aim it is to change our relationships to both tool and toy.

As the award acknowledges, "Spark is about Change — designed change. Change for the better: studied, researched, cognizant of criteria like sustainability, suitability, context, inventiveness, process, universality — and of course, beauty." Their motto "One For All" reflects the "design for everyone" axiom within L&C's mission, and we're proud of its recognition in both winning designs.

Ikebana wins Best Lighting at ICFF!
International Contemporary Furniture Fair Editors Award
Ikebana ICFF Editors Choice AwardL&C's Ikebana LED Table Light won the 2010 ICFF Editors Award for best lighting. This contemporary light merges poetics with technology, and was one of 16 recipients of awards presented in various categories for design excellence at ICFF, North America's premier showcase for contemporary design.

Befitting such a radically new design, Ikebana's techno-pop playfulness was both commended and controversial amongst the industry's top editors who's task it is to choose the best of the best of the year's design crop.

In the midst of a jury seemingly hung between Ikebana's dialectic of style and substance, Metropolis magazine's Editor in Chief, Susan Szenasy put it all in context: "It's kind of silly. But it's smart industrial design research, and that makes it really interesting." We got the award.

For a behind-the-scenes view of the judging deliberations visit:

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